The Pain of Growing

The Pain of Growing

Growing is one of the most beautiful processes that nature flaunts. We see the delicate flower bloom; we see seeds transform into strong oaks. We watch the baby of the family grow up to be big and strong. But we fail to see the chronic pain that each of these participants has to go through when they dare to try out this life thing. Let’s take the flower. By the time we see the flower, it’s already in full bloom. We pick it up to smell it; we sometimes leave it alone to let it flourish and admire its beauty. But by the time the world sees it, it’s been through hell. The seed starts out buried deep into the soil and watered. Eventually, the seed breaks open and starts to push its innermost self through the dirt. When it breaks through the soil, the inner workings of the sprout now have to break through the stem and form the center of the flower. Then, that must break open to allow the petals to form.

Now, if we were to relate the many “breaking open”s of the flower to human flesh, any breaking of the skin, any unnatural orifice on our body’s would be considered a wound. And for humans, we never want to be wounded. We want to skip through life UNSCATHED. To be wounded is too painful and too inconvenient. We want to experience a problem-less and smooth life. But a wound, oh no! A wound leaves scars, blemishes, imperfections. But wounds also leave petals. I wonder what it would sound like if flowers could transmute sound while they’re growing. Because in all honesty, the seed has to break open, push through dirt, and experience our heavy strides while it is in the soil. It cannot run from the promised danger of landing under our feet. It would probably scream. Even when stepped on, it repairs its stem and goes back into growth mode. The stem breaks open again, and the flower starts to bloom. Blooming in a human sense would be like when you experience the same situation repeatedly but now you start mastering every aspect of that situation. Where you were struggling before, now you’ve gotten the hang of it.

Don’t be afraid of wounds. Don’t be afraid to blossom into something amazing. Flowers do it all of the time. So can you.


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