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Disney World cannot clean up forgotten island

Discovery Island located in Bay Lake. Photo by Sam Howzit

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Why you should decrease your screen time

Technology has become an intricate part of our everyday lives. We use our phones to communicate, entertain, and learn. Our phones are like a one-stop-shop for everything we need. But it cannot possibly be healthy to stare at our phones for hours on end. In an article written by, they determined that two hours…

The Pain of Growing

Growing is one of the most beautiful processes that nature flaunts. We see the delicate flower bloom; we see seeds transform into strong oaks. We watch the baby of the family grow up to be big and strong. But we fail to see the chronic pain that each of these participants has to go through…

Cry more; Smile more

We tend to think of crying as an unenjoyable experience. We avoid shedding tears however often we can. Society even indoctrinates us to “suck it up” or “toughen up” when we are vulnerable and honest with our hurt. But that must cause some sort of stress? Being dishonest with our emotions while knowing they are…

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